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Our story begins in 2007 as Fiddlehead Farm. The up-island provisional market was the favorite stop of many islanders and visitors alike for local produce, fresh baked goods, gourmet ingredients, artisanal cheeses, or just a great conversation.


Fiddlehead Farm was so much more than just a roadside farm stand. It was a place to connect with your friends, neighbors, and strangers through food. We knew our regulars on a first-name basis. Fresh herbs were cut to order. We jotted our favorite recipes on a piece of butcher paper. Stories were shared. People would hang out on the front porch, long after they had finished their shopping and cup of coffee. It captured the charm of local living on the Vineyard! 

In 2018, two years after its indefinite closing, Rose Willett re-opened the doors of the historic site as North Tisbury Farm! New name, a new coat of paint but in the same old charming building with the same passion for locally grown produce and the same devotion to our customers!   

north tisbury farm.png


Since re-opening the doors in 2018, North Tisbury Farm has rapidly become one of the island's favorite farm markets. Rose’s philosophy is simple: connect with our customers through the food that they consume. We sell items that are responsibly produced, grown, and raised — good clean products, preferably with minimal packaging. We support local and regional vendors and offer a curated selection of American and European artisanal products. And of course, we grow our own produce and flowers with the same sustainable love and care for our customers and the earth. Check out our blackboard for the daily available harvest that is ready to be cut to order. Your veggies could not be fresher!


Come have a coffee, hang out on our porch! We look forward to seeing you!

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