Our take on the first shrub we ever encountered, made by our friend and former colleague, Lou. Mixes local strawberries and blackberries together with secret spices and french baking herbs. The blend is sweet, savory, and approachable with a bit of vinegar on the nose. Fantastic over kale and goat cheese, better on its own over ice. Can be used to great effect with sweet vermouth and soda water, as well as vodka or aged rums. It was an ingredient in the "Pickle me Pink" cocktail, which won the 2017 Boston Fermentation Festival Cocktail Contest.



Berry Good Onions

1 Yellow Onion 

2 Tbsp Butter

2 oz Berry & Herb Shrub

- Saute onions in butter on low heat for 30 min until caramelized 

- Reduce heat to simmer and stir in shrub

- Simmer for 3 minutes

- Tops just about anything you want to add savory sweet onions to


Nuts over Kale

1 bunch local kale

4 oz local goat cheese

2 oz walnuts

2 oz dried cranberries 

2 oz Berry & Herb Shrub

- Combine all ingredients in large bowl and toss

- Dress with the Berry & Herb Shrub


Or simply add 2 oz of Berry & Herb Shrub and 1 tbsp Worcestershire sauce to deglaze after any saute 



Berry Picking

1 Berry & Herb Shrub

1 Soda Water

1/2 Italian Sweet Vermouth


There Be Berries 

1 Berry & Herb Shrub

1 Aged Rum

1 Cocci Americano

-Stir and Serve Up with a lemon twist

Bauman Best Botanicals - Shrub Berry & Herb




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