A Pickle from The Great Depression

Every Sunday, Grandma would would make me a warm ham sandwich with a slice of cheese, a little mayo and her famous Bread & Butter Pickles while Grandpap would fall asleep in his chair after hours of fidgeting with the TV Antennae. 
They were a holdover from The Great Depression when her mother would serve them to her on buttered bread.  
During World War II, she began making them with fresh produce from the Victory Garden. While Grandpap toiled at the mill making steel for the war effort, she tended the garden and put up produce for winter.  President Wilson said, “Food will win the war.” and Grandma took that to heart.  Production was always higher when Grandma sent her Bread & Butters for lunch.
The garden had ceded most of it’s ground to green lawn by the time I came around and the field behind her house became a grocery store after the war, but she still grew cucumbers and made enough to last the year.  These pickles were just better than what she could buy in the store!  
 Lucky for you, we have her recipe!

Bread and Butter Pickles




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