Arturo Chiriboga, a native of Ecuador, creates this twist on Bavarian blue at Kaserei Obere Muhle in the foothills of the Bavarian Alps. Drawing on his love for Roquefort and the region’s traditional Bavarian Blue, Chiriboga makes this cheese only four times per week, using milk from a selection of local, grass fed dairies who belong to the Obere Muhle cooperative. First, in production, the milk is steam pasteurized in the vat. After the curd is cut, the cheese is formed into 5 pound drums and aged 24 hours before being bathed in salt brine. Once brined, the wheels are aged one week, pierced with penicillin, and then aged an additional two weeks. Ready for market at barely a month old, Chiriboga Blue is rindless, with a thick paste, creamy mouth feel and bright, tangy flavors. Its light veining adds a bit of tangy punch to the flavor, but overwhelming flavors of cream and butter linger on the palate.


Wedges weigh between .2lb - .5lb (final cost will be adjusted and reflect on your invoice)

Chiriboga Blue




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