A dairy-free flavor made by people who love dairy.


Complex and ethereal flavor from the best cocoa the world has to offer. Finishes with an ultralight whiff of coconut cream.


Forget that this flavor is dairy-free and vegan. Jeni designed Dark Chocolate Truffle to be as good as anything else we make—beautiful, dense, ultra creamy, and truly memorable. We use the same high-quality, Fair Trade, Dutch-processed cocoa powder that we do in our Darkest Chocolate ice cream. You taste the rich, cocoa flavor first, then a subtle hint of coconut creeps up slowly for an extra layer of depth. Dark Chocolate Truffle leaves the mouth pleasantly dry; makes you crave another bite. It’s named for hand-rolled truffles dusted in cocoa powder. Because this ice cream is ethereal and dense, just like a truffle.

Jeni's Dairy Free Dark Chocolate Truffle Pint