Chia seeds were staples in both Aztec and Mayan societies. Their, nutty flavor and ease of preparation are still popular today. Chia seeds can be eaten as they are - they do not require being crushed.


Chia seeds are keto- and paleo-friendly. They are also a great ingredient for wholesome dishes: chia seeds have a mild flavor that doesn’t overpower dishes, and the water absorptive properties make them perfect for a fast-and-easy chia seed pudding.


  • WHOLE ORGANIC CHIA SEEDS - Frontier Co-op Organic Chia Seeds (Botanical name: Salvia hispanica) are a mild-flavored and versatile ingredient that can be enjoyed alone or as an ingredient. There are no artificial additives or chemicals used in any part of the growing and manufacturing process.

    VERSATILE AND EASY - Chia seeds are mildly-flavored and blend well with other ingredients without overpowering dishes. They’re also easy to prepare - just add water or sprinkle onto whatever you’d like to enhance.


  • LONG-LASTING AND COMPATIBLE - Chia seeds have a long shelf life - they can be kept for several years in a cold, dry place. Hold onto them and use them whenever you’d like! Chia seeds are also keto-, vegan-, and paleo-friendly.

    ORGANIC - Our chia seeds are grown in Argentina, Paraguay, and Mexico. This product is organic and kosher.


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    Argentina, Paraguay, Mexico

Frontier Co-op Chia Seed, Whole, Organic




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