Cold Fusion Sorbetto Handcrafted Gelato & Sorbets Founded in 2004, Cold Fusion Gelato has always been family-owned and operated.


In a past life, our Grand Pooh-Bah and fearless leader was a Wall Street banker who got tired of being, well, a Wall Street banker. He realized that he'd rather make gelato and sorbet that made people smile!


Each of our Cold Fusion gelato and sorbet flavors is made by a person, not by a factory, and we always follow the truest Italian traditions. Our scrumptious frozen desserts are made using the freshest all-natural ingredients: fruits plucked from the tree at their moment of peak ripeness, as well as the world's finest nuts, finest chocolates, and rarest herbs and spices.


Artisan means that our product is hand-made, using all-natural ingredients sourced locally from people we know and trust. The result of all of this love and dedication is a silky, cool, uplifting fusion of flavor. Our mission is combining passion and tradition, we strive to make the best handmade gelato and sorbet possible, utilizing local dairy always and local ingredients whenever possible, and when quality is not compromised!


Cold Fusion Gelato & Sorbet is made locally in Walpole, Massachusetts with our seasonal gelato shop located in Newport, Rhode Island.


Handcrafted, Delicious & Fresh Made in small batches Sorbets Handcrafted, Delicious & Fresh Made in small batches All Natural, Certified Kosher Our sorbet is fat-free We use real fruit

Jamaican Mango Sorbetto




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    632 State Rd in West Tisbury


    Mon - Fri: 8 am - 6 pm 

    Sun: 8 am - 5pm 

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