We absolutely love this flavor and know that you will, too. Because it tastes exactly like a classic Old World cream puff—addicting, bright, and candy-like vanilla in a salty custard with loads of pastry flakes. It’s just colder, rounder, and easier to eat off a cone or spoon. 

This flavor is inspired by the cream puffs served at an old Columbus Restaurant. When Jeni moved to Columbus in 1985, she wanted to know: What is THE dish people in this Central Ohio town line up for? In her hometown of Peoria, Illinois, there were lots of special foods worth a queue: a pork tenderloin sandwich, fried chicken, cakes and cookies for celebratory occasions. But what was Columbus’s thing?

Almost everyone gave her the same answer: the massive cream puffs at Schmidt’s, a 100-plus-year-old German restaurant just outside of Downtown. People still line up for these fist-sized cream puffs, and for good reason. We challenge you to find a more perfect iteration of the Old World classic—soft puff pastry overflowing with so much salty vanilla custard it practically explodes when you take a bite. And it’s impossible to take just one bite (trust us, we’ve tried).

We think our Cream Puff ice cream has the same can’t-get-enough effect. Try for yourself!

Jeni's Cream Puff Ice Cream - pint