La Quercia Speck Americano is made in Iowa by smoking prosciutto with applewood. This is exceptional ham for the sophisticated American palate. The evocative aroma and warm flavor of a wood fire make this a familiar eating experience; the natural sweet flavor of the aged prosciutto offers a delicate contrast. This Speck is cured for a minimum of 35 weeks, while Speck of Valtellina is typically cured for only 18 weeks, and Speck Alto Adige is cured a minimum of 20 weeks. The aging time is a major factor that influences La Quercia Speck's richness of flavor.

Speck Americano is smoked at the end of its natural dry curing (only pork and sea salt, no nitrite, nitrates or other ingredients). Thus, the smoke finish is light and inviting and does not interfere with the sweetness of the meat. Speck from the Italian regions is smoked at the beginnings of its dry curing. This causes the smoke flavor to penetrate and then concentrate and intensify as the meat dries. The pigs used in La Quercia have access to the outdoors, room to move around, and to root. 


  • Made with Berkshire pork that has been rated Step 3 by the rigorous Global Animal Partnership (GAP) 5-Step Animal Welfare system. Antibiotic Free, vegetarian fed pork humanely raised by family farms in the Midwest

La Quercia, Speck Americano Sliced, 2 Ounce