Madonna dell'Olivo Olive Oil farm was founded by Antonino Mennella in 2003 in the village of Serre, in the Province of Salerno - Italty. Adjacent to a sanctuary dedicated to to the Madonna of the olive trees near the ancient Greek ruins of Paestum, the farm sits high on a gently sloping hill halfway between the Amalfi and Cilento Coasts in a unique mircoclimate. Many different varietals of olives grow on this farm made up of over 2000 olive trees. Antonino is passionately dedicated to the study of the different flavors and aromas each varietal embodies. The olives are picked by hand and immediately brought to the farm's mill where they are pressed in few hours. All the meticulous steps guarantee the highest quality of this worldwide famous extra virgin olive oil.

Madonna dell'Olivo 1.5 litre




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