Attention chocolate lovers, there is no better cookie to warm you up than the Cha-Cha when the weather turns chilly! Reminiscent of a Mexican Brownie, this award-winning cookie features a double dose of rich chocolate accented by hints of cinnamon and cayenne for a delightfully toasty experience. 


About this producer

Lark® Fine Foods, established in 2008, is 100% female owned with its operation located just north of Boston in the historical town of Essex, Massachusetts. Since its establishment, Lark has received two prestigious sofi™ Gold Winner Awards and four sofi™ Silver Finalist Awards from the Specialty Foods Association. We set out with a vision and mission to make a commercial line of products that tasted as good, if not better than homemade, with unique combinations of flavors that would be appreciated by an adult palate. We believe our Cookies for Grown-Ups®, stand-up to our vision and the numerous awards and accolades that we have received over the years are a testament to their quality and appeal. We are discerning in selecting the finest natural ingredients for our products and we creatively blend herbs, spices, chocolate and other distinctive ingredients (not all in the same cookie of course) to produce unique treats. Each small batch of handcrafted cookies is stirred with passion, baked with care, and luxuriously packaged with pride. Our cookies are free of preservatives and food colorings.

Lark Fine Foods - Mexican Chocolate Cha Chas