Ramen Noodles are one of Japan's most popular dishes and recognized as a true Japanese cultural stable. Our instant "From Japan" branded Ramen is slow-dried (not fried) at a low temperature which gives a distinct quality in texture and taste. The flavor of our soup is made from Japanese Miso or Shoyu (Soy Sauce). "From Japan" instant Ramen uses no MSG, GMO ingredients or sweeteners. Our "From Japan" Instant Ramen is delicious and is made quickly and easily. Enjoy our Ramen simply out of the package or add your favorite vegetable for an even healthier meal.


Noodle whole wheat flour, wheat flour, sea salt, soup red and white miso powder (soybean, rice, sea salt), tapioca dextrin, sea salt, dried shitake mushroom, spices (garlic, ginger, red, black and white pepper), shoyu powder (soybean, wheat, sea salt), dried green onion, onion, sesame oil, yeast extract powder, kombu powder

Muso Shitake Ramen Noodles 3.1 oz