Niman Ranch uncured pork breakfast sausage is made with heritage pork and traditional seasonings like sage, black pepper and a touch of sugar. The homestyle flavor makes this the perfect choice for savory breakfast lovers.


Quick Facts

  • Estimated Weight: 12 ounces
  • Serving Size: 2 links (57 grams)
  • No Nitrites or Nitrates
  • Fully Cooked
  • Gluten Free
  • No Antibiotics Ever
  • No Added Hormones Ever
  • All-Vegetarian Feeds
  • Certified Humane


Product Handling

All Niman Ranch products should be kept frozen. Thaw in the refrigerator for up to three days before cooking.


Cook and Prep

  • Remove sausage from the package.
  • Place sausage in medium frying pan with 1/4 cup water and 1 teaspoon of oil.
  • Cook on medium-high heat until water dissipates and sausage is heated through.



Pork, water, salt, spices, natural flavorings, sugar and stuffed in natural sheep casings

Niman Ranch Breakfast Sausage




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