Taking the market by storm! A 4-generations old family recipe - seasoned, baked tortilla chips. One taste and you'll be hooked! uniquely delectable, savory, crunchy, light, airy and memorable. A chip, cracker and flatbread all in one. Three 9" round seasoned tortillas in each bag. Break them in the bag and ready to serve. Tasty and amazing on their own and great paired with almost anything (dips, cheese, tapenade, soups, salads and much more).


About Rose Sisters Chips 

A 4-generations old family recipe from more than 100 years ago. Our chips are highly sought-after, savory and delectable. They have been a permanent bond between generations at every imaginable occasion and completely unique; there is nothing similar in the marketplace. A chip, cracker and flatbread all in one...and intensely experiential. You will remember your first taste and you will still be thinking about them days and weeks later. Our packaging also reflects the exclusivity - upscale, classy and instantly eye-catching.

Rose Sisters Chips Baked Tortilla Chips