Hard red wheat gives it a darker hue and deeper, nuttier flavor and their undulating shape means more mouthfeel and a better bite. 


The duo behind Sfoglini opened their Brooklyn biz bent on old school Italian-style pasta-making methods, working in small batches with locally sourced ingredients. Because they use traditional bronze dies to cut their pastas, the outside of each shape retains a rough texture that grabs hold of any sauce it encounters. Sfoglini’s slow-dried style also takes the texture up a notch, amounting to an uber-absorbent noodle and a better candidate for that al dente bite we all want. 



The ruffled edges of these reginetti ribbons are perfect for cozying up to pesto. Or pair wth a pan sauce of chopped pancetta, garlic, sage, and a splash of starchy pasta water. The shape is ideal for robust sauces that compliment the nutty richness of hard red wheat.  


Sfoglini - Whole Grain Blend Reginetti - 12 OZ