FROM ITALY'S #1 TOMATO BRAND, MUTTI TOMATO PUREE OR, IN ITALIAN, “PASSATA,” IS A SMOOTH, VELVETY PUREE OF OUR NATURALLY-SWEET, SUN-RIPENED TOMATOES. OUR NON-GMO AND PRESERVATIVE-FREE PUREE HAS A REMARKABLY-FRESH TASTE AND VIBRANT RED COLOR. THE RESULT IS A DELICIOUS, VERSATILE PUREE THAT'S A GREAT MATCH FOR A WIDE RANGE OF DISHES INCLUDING MARINARA SAUCE, TOMATO SOUP, AND EVEN A BLOODY MARY. MUTTI TOMATO PUREE COMES IN A PACKAGE OF SIX 24.5 OZ. BOTTLES. SINCE 1899, THE MUTTI FAMILY HAS SHARED THEIR PASSION FOR EVERYTHING THAT GOES INTO THEIR 100% ITALIAN TOMATOES: THE SUN, SOIL, RAIN AND HEART OF THEIR PEOPLE IN PARMA, ITALY. THE SUPERIOR TASTE OF MUTTI TOMATOES IS THE RESULT OF FOUR GENERATIONS BOUND BY A LOVE OF THE TOMATO AND THE NEED TO PRESERVE ONE OF NATURE’S GREATEST GIFTS AT PERFECT RIPENESS.Mutti Tomato Puree Passata, 24.5 OzIt’s faster and easier to use our tomatoes because all you need to do is heat them up. They remain a brilliant red, have a velvety consistency and have a sweet flavor. They are perfect to make any quick dishes, like eggs, white meats, sauces for stuffed pasta and thin crust pizzas. - Totally free from seeds and peels - Produced at low temperature to pre serve best freshness of tomato taste - High selection of fresh tomatoes - 100% Italian tomato - Brilliant red color - Thick and creamy texture PRODUCT OF ITALY

Mutti Pasata Tomato Puree - 24.5 oz